5 Signs of a High Cholesterol Your Body Feels

5 Signs of a High Cholesterol Your Body Feels

5 Signs of a High Cholesterol Your Body Feels

Rp_News88..High cholesterol or hypercholesterolemia is a condition when cholesterol levels in the body have exceeded normal limits.

These signs of high cholesterol can be seen on the face and other body parts such as the chest to the feet.

In addition to causing discomfort in certain body parts, having high cholesterol is considered more susceptible to the risk of chronic disease.

These diseases include a coronary heart disease, high blood pressure (hypertension), stroke, a peripheral arterial disease (PAP), to a type 2 diabetes.

 By far the most common cause of high cholesterol is from the daily consumption of foods that are high in saturated a fat.

There are also other bad habits that you may unconsciously often do. For an example, lazy to an exercise, smoking, a consumption of foods high in sugar, and drinking alcoholic beverages.

Based on a summary of various sources, here are some signs that can indicate that your cholesterol is already high.

1. Easily sleepy

Often feeling sleepy even though you are not doing strenuous activities can be a sign that your cholesterol is high.

This is caused by a blockage in the blood vessels that should supply oxygen to the brain so that it is blocked.

When the blood flow is blocked the effect will appear drowsiness and the body is easily tired.

2. Chest pain

When cholesterol levels in the body increase, this condition causes a buildup of fatty substances in the arteries.

a plaque of a fat then covers the blood vessels and triggers pain in the chest.Another impact is that the blood supply to the heart is blocked and the chest feels increasingly sore or called angina.

3. Xanthomas and xanthelasma

Signs of high cholesterol called xanthomas you should watch out for because they cause yellowish lumps or soft lesions on the skin.

In the case of high cholesterol, yellowish lesions generally appear around the eyes and eye folds, and have the potential to enlarge and then spread.

Not only that, yellow patches can also show symptoms of clogged arteries so you can see fat deposits around the eyes, nose, mouth, or called xanthelasma.

4. Neck pain

Pain in the neck can indeed be caused by many factors such as excessive stress, a fatigue, to high cholesterol.

If the effect is high cholesterol, then this condition is related to the buildup of a plaque in the blood vessels in the neck area.

a plaque that accumulates will automatically block the flow of blood from the neck to the brain, causing pain.

5. Feet feel sore

In addition to signs of high cholesterol in the legs, there is also a risk of unusual reactions such as soreness.

The main factor is still the same, which is caused by a pile of fatty plaques that causes a blood flow to the body's tissues to be blocked.

When plaque builds up in the foot area, the sensation that arises is like a feeling of heaviness, pain, and even burning.

Even though the above signs indicate high cholesterol, you should still consult with your doctor and don't try to diagnose yourself.


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