4 Taboos for People With High Cholesterol, What hat are They?

4 Taboos for People With High Cholesterol, What are They?

4 taboos for people with high cholesterol, what are they?

There are a number of taboos that must be avoided for people with high cholesterol.

Rp_News88..There are several taboos that must be avoided for people with high cholesterol. As is known cholesterol is a type of fatty substance that is very important for the development of healthy cells in the body. However, high cholesterol levels are a trigger for heart disease.

Based on data from the World Health Organization (WHO), the death rate from heart disease in 2019 reached 17.9 million people. From this data as much as 85% due to stroke and heart attack.

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Therefore, cholesterol can be said to be a serious disease that can cause death. In addition, high cholesterol levels of course also make the body easy to get sick and feel uncomfortable.

The following prohibitions that must be avoided for people with high cholesterol so that cholesterol levels return to normal are summarized from various sources.

1. Consuming Dairy Processed Drink Products

Milk does have a delicious taste and is known as a healthy beverage product because it is rich in protein and nutrients that are very good for body growth. However, that does not mean all types of milk can be consumed.

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In 1 cup of cow's milk contains 24 mg of cholesterol, 5 grams of saturated fat and 146 calories. By consuming cow's milk, it can cause the cholesterol value to be higher.

Moreover, if consumed with cream that contains a lot of fat, it is certain that the cholesterol content in the drink is very dangerous. So for people with cholesterol are advised to consume other types of milk.

2. Eat a variety of offal

Although many important nutrients are contained in this food, it is not recommended to be consumed too often in large quantities.

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The high content of cholesterol and fat in these foods must be avoided for people with cholesterol so that it is not more dangerous, because the accumulation of cholesterol causes plaque to form in the blood vessels.

When plaque grows in blood vessels, it makes it more difficult for the organs to receive oxygen and nutrients, causing heart disease.

3. Consuming Excessive Sweet Processed

Not only oily food causes cholesterol, sweet foods are also a trigger for high cholesterol levels. According to the American Heart Association (AHA) the limit for consuming sugar per day per person is 5-9 teaspoons.

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Keep in mind, consuming excess sugar not only triggers high cholesterol levels, but causes other dangerous diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity and others.

4. Excessive Activities

It is not recommended for people with cholesterol to do strenuous activities that cause fatigue. Excessive activity makes the heart work harder so that it can cause sudden coronary heart disease.

 Not only that, excessive activity in people with cholesterol also triggers how blood vessels can burst and strokes can occur suddenly.

Therefore, avoid activities that make the body work harder, choose lighter activities.

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