Signs of a brain tumor that should not be ignored

Brain tumor

Signs of a brain tumor that should not be ignored

Brain tumors, can be easily diagnosed early thanks to technological developments and the experience of doctors.

However, because brain tumor symptoms can go undetected due to lack of social awareness and widespread fear of going to the hospital during a pandemic, there is a high chance that the tumor is not treated until it is at an advanced stage.

In our country, about 17,000 people are diagnosed with a new brain tumor every year.  

It is very important not to ignore complaints and immediately consult a doctor, because there may be a delay in the treatment of patients with neurological signs and symptoms ... very serious consequences," said Dr. Gökhan Bozkurt, a specialist in brain and neurosurgery at Ac?badem Maslak Hospital.  from Daily Sabah.

Bozkurt describes 10 important symptoms of a brain tumor that should not be ignored and offers important warnings and advice.

COVID-19 causes many neurological problems such as headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, difficulty concentrating, insomnia, and altered levels of consciousness. 

Bozkurt stated that more than a third of COVID-19 patients had side effects and neurological symptoms since the start of the epidemic.

It is imperative that hospitalized patients with mild neurologic signs and symptoms are evaluated carefully and without neglecting that these complaints may also be associated with brain tumors.

An increasing number of clinical and experimental studies are currently being performed on brain tumors showing that several miscoded genes and proteins play an active role in tumor development.

Several factors such as radiation and carcinogenic chemicals also facilitate the formation of brain tumors. In addition, it was observed that there is a familial tendency in the formation of some brain tumors, said Bozkurt.

Bozkurt stated that in recent years, thanks to the experience of doctors and new medical technologies in the field of neurosurgery in our country, very important developments have been achieved in diagnosis and treatment.


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