Pique and Shakira split up not because of dishonesty anymore, but money

Gerard Pique and Shakira have officially split, the reason being said to be due to money issues.

Pique and Shakira split up not because of dishonesty anymore, but money
                      Gerard pique/Shakira

Pique and Shakira split up not because of dishonesty anymore, but money.

Rp_News88..The out of the ordinary couple separation among Gerard Pique and Shakira continues to obtain the highlight. Now there may be a declare that their separation become inspired via cash.

Pique and Shakira made a marvel assertion through pronouncing their separation earlier this month. 

The two agreed to end their 12 years relationship and produced two sons: Milan and Sasha.

At first the breakup changed into due to the Barcelona centre-Back having an affair. However, the belief become apparently now not real. 

Shakira's ex-brother-in-regulation, Roberto Garcia, revealed that their relationship changed into certainly complex, and the separation occurred due to cash troubles.

The relationship has been broken for a long time but they give the image that they are still intimate to the public," Garcia told Diario ES.

Shakira cares for Pique because she wants Pique to be the father of her children. 

She already knows that she will not marry Pique. According to someone very close to them, there has been a financial problem between them.

Pique supposedly wanted to ask Shakira for cash for an funding hassle and the Shakira's family refused to give it to her. 

They didn't pool their fortune and took the family finances to 50%. Shakira also invested in other production companies.

Shakira had the concept of ​​doing something within the Bahamas and Colombia. That's where the problems started out," Garcia added.

Just less than a month after officially splitting with Shakira, Gerard Pique is reported to have a new Girlfriend; a blonde female who's only 22 years old.

Not handiest receiving greater public scrutiny, the 35-year-old now has to stand uncertainty over his destiny at Barcelona following rumors that coach Xavi Hernandez no longer wishes his services.


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