Regular exercise helps the body's immunity against infection

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Regular exercise helps the body's immunity against infection

Rp_News88..We may already know the health protocols to protect ourselves from contagion of Covid-19.  However, what is often forgotten is the recommendation to exercise regularly.

Sports training is an important aspect to support general health and also significantly increase the body's immunity.

Research shows, exercise will increase blood circulation and lymph flow due to muscle contraction.  This will also increase the circulation of immune cells so that the number of cells in the body increases.

Reporting from the British Journal of Sports Medicine, a study conducted on 48,440 adult patients with a diagnosis of Covid-19 from 1 January 2020 to 21 October 2020 showed that inactive Covid-19 patients were at greater risk for hospitalization, admission to the ICU.  , and mortality, compared to patients who consistently met physical activity guidelines.

According to sports medicine specialist Alvin Wiharja, to get benefits for immunity, exercise does not need to be strenuous.

To improve fitness and endurance, he recommends moderate-intensity physical exercise for 150-300 minutes per week," said Alvin in the webinar held by Good Doctor, some time ago.

The types of exercise we can do include running, swimming, and cycling, as well as two muscle strength training sessions per week.

Make sure not to exercise too strenuously to avoid excessive fatigue which can cause the body's immune system to decrease thereby increasing the risk of infection," he added.

To measure the intensity level of the exercise performed, Alvin shared an easy trick using the talk test method.

If we can still speak fluently while exercising, it means that the intensity is low. It's difficult or stammering to speak while exercising means moderate intensity. When we exercise, we can no longer speak, which means high intensity,” he said.


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