These are 4 Benefits of Garlic for Children's Health


There are various benefits of garlic for children's health. Starting from maintaining intestinal health, relieving coughs, increasing body immunity, to maintaining children's heart health. Mothers can add a few cloves of garlic to the child's diet for optimal benefits.

These are 4 Benefits of Garlic for Children's Health

These are 4 Benefits of Garlic for Children's Health

Rp_News88..Garlic is one of the spices that cannot be missed when processing food. Garlic is considered capable of adding flavor to any processed food to make it more delicious. 

Not only that, garlic is also known as one of the kitchen spices that has various health benefits.

In addition to adults, mothers can also add garlic to the food menu consumed by children. Because garlic also has various health benefits for children.

Benefits of Garlic for Children's Health

These are 4 Benefits of Garlic for Children's Health

Garlic is a cooking spice that is familiar to the public because it is easy to find anywhere. Adding garlic to cooking makes the aroma and taste of food more delicious.

Not only as a cooking spice, garlic is also known as a medicinal plant that has various benefits. Garlic's health benefits can be felt because of the sulfur compounds present when garlic is chopped, chopped, or chewed.

Sulfur compounds from garlic that enter the body from the digestive tract can spread throughout the body. This has a strong biological effect on the body. 

In addition to sulfur compounds, there are various other ingredients that play a role in garlic's health benefits, namely allicin, diallyl disulfide, and s-allyl cysteine ​​compounds.

Garlic also contains nutrients in it. One clove (3 grams) of garlic contains vitamins B6, C, selenium, fiber, calcium, copper, potassium, phosphorus, and manganese.

Of course, the more compounds and nutrients in garlic, making this kitchen spice beneficial for health. Not only in adults, but also in children.

Here are the benefits of garlic for children's health.

1. Maintaining Intestinal Health

Garlic is a kitchen spice that can help mothers overcome intestinal problems in children, such as intestinal inflammation, diarrhea, to dysentery.

Adding garlic to a child's diet is also considered to be able to kill harmful germs or worms in the intestines without affecting the function and activity of microbes that are useful for the intestines.

2. Meredakan Batuk Anak

Another benefit of garlic for children is to overcome the symptoms of a perceived cough.

You can add some chopped or thinly sliced ​​garlic to your child's diet. In addition to coughing, garlic is also considered able to overcome the symptoms of fever in children.

3. Boost Children's Immunity

Garlic is known to increase children's immune system by stimulating body cells, such as eosinophils, dendritic cells, natural defense cells, and lymphocytes. 

In addition, garlic can also stimulate the secretion of cytokines that can increase the body's metabolism and prevent obesity in children.

4. Maintain Heart Health

Garlic helps you lower your cholesterol risk. This makes heart health will be well maintained from an early age.

 That's the benefits of garlic for children's health. Although garlic is considered safe for children, you should make sure your child does not overdo it with garlic. 

Eating too much garlic increases the risk of diarrhea in children.


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