Cameo Brie Larson on Ms. Marvel Was Taken From The Marvels

Cameo Brie Larson on Ms.  Marvel Was Taken From The Marvels
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Cameo Brie Larson on Ms. Marvel Was Taken From The Marvels

Rp_News88..The appearance of Brie Larson in Ms.  Marvel has been talked about since last week.  Although short, Captain Marvel's cameo really made an impression, especially later Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) will play with him in The Marvels.  The directors of the Disney+ series, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, gave a sneak peek of the process of filming the scene.

It turns out that the appearance of Brie Larson as Carol Danvers in the mid post-credit scene of Ms.  Marvel episode 6 was taken from the filming of The Marvels.  Because throughout filming Ms.  Marvel, the director duo claimed to have never met Brie Larson.

So it was actually Nia DaCosta who shot that scene while working on The Marvels. He was on set with Brie Larson and Iman (Vellani) and he didn't even know that the scene would be used for a post-credit scene," explained Adil El Arbi in an interview quoted from Collider on Tuesday (19/7/2022).

He also hinted that Marvel Studios is very good at hiding things and separating scenes as we see them on screen. This makes the director a little 'itchy' because in the script there is no appearance of Carol Danvers in Kamala's room.

Adil El Arbi and the curious Bilall Fallah then contacted Kevin Feige, the Marvel boss, directly. They asked when Captain Marvel would appear.

He always told us not to worry and just see. Meanwhile he told Nia DaCosta to take a picture of the scene because he needed the scene and we'll see later (for what). Suddenly when we were following the scene -The last episode scene, we finally said 'Oh! There's Captain Marvel!'. So for you this is also a surprise. A cool surprise," continued Adil El Arbi.

Previously showrunner Ms. Marvel, Bisha K Ali, also explained the scene of Carol Danvers' appearance in Ms. Marvel episode 6. To Deadline, he mentioned that the figure who appeared in Kamala's room was indeed Carol Danvers. It wasn't Kamala who suddenly turned into someone else.

''That's Carol Danvers. What you see is what you think you see. There you are, no magic there. The other thing I can say is get ready to see the film next year!" said Bisha K Ali gave a temptation for fans.

The scene in the mid post-credit scene is called Bisha K Ali as a perfect magical moment. The appearance of Carol Danvers makes the scene even more complete.

"That room has always been a safe space for Kamala to express herself. Seeing Captain Marvel standing in that room, I feel there is a lot of happiness there," he concluded.

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