The 5 Greatest Mysteries in the DC Universe!

The 5 Greatest Mysteries in the DC Universe!
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The Five Unbelievable Mystery of the DC Universe

Rp_News88..The DC Universe is a comics universe that DC has built over the years from various interesting elements. The main focus is indeed on action scenes, but there are a number of other elements that determine the storyline until now. Where the various elements are sometimes not in harmony with each other and even leave a fairly large mystery gap. Fans do have their own assumptions about the mystery. Likewise the DC writers who had tried to mention it several times. However, officially, these mysteries are still unsolved until now!

1. Joker's Real Identity

When it comes to mysteries in the DC Universe Not a few fans are curious about the Joker's real identity. This can happen, because Batman's nemesis has actually appeared in DC Comics since 1940.

However, until now no one knows who the Joker's real name is in the main universe. This is also even Batman felt for more than eighty years. In 2016, the comic DC Universe: Rebirth confused fans even more by revealing that there were actually three different people who became the Clown Prince of Crime in Gotham City.

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Morpheus' Destruction Sandman
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2. Morpheus' Distraction 

Dream alias Sandman is actually one of the interesting characters in the DC Universe who first appeared in the story of The Sandman in 1989. Despite having a lot of fans, but DC killed the character in 1995. Where the story ends with the fall of Sandman's power over the reality of Dreams. However, what is still a mystery is who actually defeated the Sandman? At that time, he did have many enemies, such as Lyta Hall, Lucifer, Loki, Puck, and Desire, but they had absolutely no power to destroy the Sandman.

3. The Beginning of the DC Universe

The beginning of the universe is not only a mystery in the comic world, but also in the real world. However, when discussing the DC Universe, DC could actually explain how the comic universe was formed. Instead of doing this, DC puts a limit on the cosmic race of Oan and the Green Lantern Corps forbidding anyone to travel to the beginning of the creation of the universe. So far the only DC character who has seen the beginning of the universe is an Oan scientist named Krona, where he can only tell the abstract figure of Hand of Creation.

4. Reasons for Superman's Weakness

As we know, Superman is one of the strongest superheroes in the DC Universe. Even so, he also has a fatal weakness against Kryptonite. It's pretty clear that Kryptonite can hurt and weaken Superman, even to the point of killing him. However, the reason why the green stone can do this to Superman, is still a mystery until now. What makes Kryptonians like Superman weak against Kryptonite? As of now, DC still hasn't given fans the answer.

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5. The Mystery Behind the Source Wall

In the DC Universe, the Source Wall is a cosmic wall that is the outer boundary of the DC multiverse. Very few characters ever reach it, the rest don't even know what the Source Wall is. Usually DC describes the Source Wall as a very large fence made of many terrible and mysterious giants. DC itself only mentions that behind the Source Wall there is a 'Source' that forms the entire DC Multiverse. However, until now no one knows what and how the Source form.

Until now, DC itself is still closing the answers to the five biggest mysteries in the universe. Not a few fans are trying to guess and create a theory for the answer. However, their theory was immediately disproved because DC itself had not yet issued an official explanation. This is what ultimately makes these five mysteries remain unsolved and now even more difficult to explain. Which of these five mysteries intrigues you the most, geeks


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