Covid-19 Cases Explode Again, Early Symptoms of Omicron Not Fever

Don't Ignore, These are 3 Main Symptoms of Infection with the Omicron/Aristya Rahadian Variant

Covid-19 Cases Explode Again, Early Symptoms of Omicron Not Fever
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Rp_news88..Along with the development of cases, the initial symptoms of Covid-19 were also found that were different from before. Some patients report that the initial symptom is not fever, but fatigue and tiredness as a sign of being infected with the virus.

This was revealed by the Covid symptom study application ZOE. It was reported that fatigue was even more common than usual symptoms, including fever, cough and loss or change in the senses of taste and smell.

These symptoms are also reportedly considered an early sign of an ongoing infection. Meanwhile, there is a difference between fatigue experienced by Covid-19 patients and other diseases.

That refers to the intensity of fatigue. ZOE says these signs are not the same as normal tiredness or drowsiness.

"This is a type of extreme tiredness or feeling of being erased that persists even after resting or deep sleep," explains ZOE, quoted from Express, Monday (25/7/2022).

The application also adds that symptoms can affect daily activities. Fatigue can appear even when only doing small tasks.

"It's hard to climb stairs, do normal work or even get out of bed," says ZOE.

In addition, it was found that other things that could be hampered due to fatigue were concentration or remembering something. The markings are described by some as "brain fog".

Based on data released by the Covid-19 Task Force on Sunday, the number of new confirmed cases was lower than Saturday (23/7/2022) which reached 4,834 cases. Thus, the total number of confirmed cases in Indonesia has reached 6,168,342.

Meanwhile, today's recovered patients increased by 2,684, bringing the total to 5,970,988 patients. With these additional recovered patients, the total active cases today increased by 8 to 40,452 people.

Meanwhile, the number of patients who died to date reached 156,902 or no increase compared to Saturday. The Indonesian Ministry of Health once stated that the increase in cases was the impact of the Omicron variant, especially the BA.4 and BA.5 subvaria.

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