Amber Heard Targeted to Star in Adult Movies

Amber Heard Targeted to Star in Adult Movies

Rp_News88..Amber Heard is targeted to star in adult films.  The offer came from an adult modeling agency called Zen Models after the actress lost a defamation trial against Johnny Depp some time ago.

The adult modeling agency guarantees that it will provide US $ 9 million if it agrees to appear in the adult film.

As reported by Pop Topic Australia some time ago, the contract consists of US$8 million to pay compensation to Johnny Depp, plus US$1 million for donations to Los Angeles Children's Hospital.

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"Zen Models is an adult modeling agency and production company," the modeling agency wrote.

"We have been in touch with a group of adult film production companies who are interested in offering Ms Heard a contract to appear in an adult entertainment video production."

Zen Models president Veronica Madarian also spoke about the offer. They say the agency exists to empower both men and women in the adult entertainment industry.

"We have decided to offer Amber Heard a possible solution to some of her problems," Madarian said.

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"This offer allows Amber Heard to pay off her debt assuming she doesn't win the appeal and to take time away from the negative news that deprives her of her peace of mind."

The offer was also made after Amber Heard was reported unable to pay compensation to Johnny Depp. This was conveyed by his attorney some time ago.

Thus, Amber Heard has been confirmed to appeal since it was stated that he had lost a lot to Johnny Depp.

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Zen Models president Veronika Madarian revealed several award-winning female directors were willing to write scripts for Amber Heard in the adult film, including empowering female sexuality.

"This (adult) video will be created to empower Amber to embrace her own sexuality."

On Thursday (21/7), Amber Heard officially filed an appeal against the jury's decision in the defamation case of Johnny Depp. The lawsuit was filed through his attorney to the Virginia Court of Appeal

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"We believe the court made an error that prevented a fair decision by consistently making the First Amendment," spokeswoman Amber Heard said in a statement.

"Therefore, we appealed the decision," they asserted.

Amber Heard's party referred to the First Amendment, which is an amendment to the constitution to protect free speech. An explanation of the First Amendment can be read here.

The appeal comes more than a month after a jury in Fairfax, Virginia ruled that Amber Heard had defamed Johnny Depp and had to pay $10.35 million in damages to her ex-husband.

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After filing an appeal, Amber Heard appointed new attorneys, namely David Axelrod and Jay Ward Brown of the law firm Ballard Spahr.

As reported by the New York Times some time ago, two of Amber Heard's lawyers represented the New York Times against the defamation lawsuit against former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

Now, the two attorneys will seek to help Amber Heard overturn a jury verdict that was largely unfavorable to the actress in a libel trial in Fairfax, Virginia.


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