Ben Affleck and J.Lo Hold a 3 Day Wedding


Ben Affleck and J.Lo Hold a 3 Day Wedding
                                                           Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez 

Ben Affleck and J.Lo Hold a 3 Day Wedding

Rp_News88..Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez will hold the wedding of their dreams after officially tied the knot in Las Vegas last July.

The two will celebrate their wedding this weekend with a luxurious yet elegant feel.

"This will be everything for Ben and J.Lo. Everything is focused on this couple on their big day," said a source.

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"The three-day intimate celebration was attended by only their family and friends, starting with dinner on Friday," the source said.

Meanwhile, the real wedding ceremony will take place on Saturday and the couple will close their weekend with a BBQ and picnic on Sunday.

J.Lo is expected to wear a luxurious dress from Ralph Lauren made in Italy and Vogue magazine will document her fashion journey over the weekend.

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As Page Six previously reported, top wedding planners like Colin Cowie were behind all the details for their lavish celebration.

Cowie's price ranges from US$25,000  US$25 million 

Moreover, Cowie has prepared events for Hollywood stars such as Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, and even J.Lo in the past.

Sources also say, Matt Damon, Jimmy Kimmel, Casey Affleck, and Drea de Matteo are some of the stars on the couple's guest list.


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