These 4 Habits Help Keep Bones Strong and Healthy



Easy to Imitate!  These 4 Habits Help Keep Bones Strong and Healthy

Rp_News88..Not only skin, bones also need to be healthy. Applying these four habits is said to be a powerful expert for keeping bones strong.

Not only appearance but all organs of the body must also be maintained health. Preventing aging also needs to be done to the bones to support the body.

If you do bad habits, the impact can damage the strength of the bones so that they experience more rapid loss and erosion. Maintaining the youthfulness of the bones can be done by increasing the minerals needed by the bones to strengthen the density of the particles.

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Brittany Dunn, a medical expert at the Medical Expert Board, says that there are several ways to strengthen bones while they are young. One of them is by implementing healthy and right eating and drinking habits for the bones.

1. Drink fortified milk

Dunn mentions that milk is one of the best ways to help nourish bones. This is because milk contains minerals such as vitamin D, calcium and protein which are very good to help maintain healthy bones.

Especially in fortified cow's milk contains more vitamins and minerals than those found in cow's milk naturally. For vegans or vegetarians to those who are lactose insensitive, there are also several dairy alternatives that Dunn suggests.

In addition to animal milk, plant-based milks such as soy, oat milk, coconut milk, cashews and almonds are also recommended to be consumed regularly. Dunn recommends always looking at the label on the milk packaging and choosing a package with the words "fortified".

2. Add milk to your smoothie

Besides being able to be drunk directly fresh, milk can also be added to other preparations and make it even more delicious. One of them is the most delicious smoothie to eat as one of the breakfast menus.

Adding milk to a smoothie is mentioned by Dunn to be a good way to keep bones healthy and strong for longer. In addition to fresh milk, Dunn also mentions that other dairy products can be added to smoothies to make them even more nutritious.

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An alternative in the form of yogurt or fortified soy milk is Dunn's next recommendation to add to a smoothie every morning. This is because this list of alternative milks has a rich source of calcium, vitamin D and protein making it suitable for helping the development of stronger bones.

3. Increase consumption of green vegetables

If milk can't be added to your daily diet routine at all, the solution is to increase the consumption of green vegetables. Some vegetables are also revealed to have calcium content that can replace milk even though the content is not as much.

Besides being able to be enjoyed as a mixture in food, Dunn mentions that these green vegetables can be made into a fresh smoothie. Green vegetables such as spinach are the main ones recommended by Dunn to be consumed regularly.

Dunn recommends eating green vegetables because 100 milligrams of green vegetables can meet 10% of the calcium needs needed by the body. In addition, combining green vegetables with other fruits as a smoothie mix can also provide more complete health benefits.

4. Regularly drink fruit juice

 Consumption of fruit is one way that can help maintain the body's pH balance and have an impact on calcium balance. Although all fruits are highly recommended but there is one fruit that is most recommended, namely prunes.

According to research published by the Integrative and Biomedical Physiology Program and the Department of Nutritional Sciences and Kinesiology at Pennsylvania State University, prunes have been shown to prevent inflammation that causes bone aging.

But if hard to get, fortified orange juice also contains 350 milligrams which is good to meet the body's calcium needs.

Citrus fruits, which have only been known to be full of vitamin C, can in fact maintain bone health very well through their vitamin and mineral content. 

Even Dunn also mentioned that it is okay if you want to make juice from a mixture of several types of fruit.


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