Dubai Wants to Make a Replica of the Moon, Seriously!

            Replica of the Moon in Dubai

Dubai Wants to Make a Replica of the Moon

Rp_News88..Moon Dubai, a resort worth USD 5 billion is coming soon. This Moon replica was proposed by Canadian architectural firm and intellectual property licensor Moon World Resorts Inc. (MWR).

Quoted from Architectural Digest, Monday (12/9/2022) this Moon-shaped resort is designed to be built in 48 months. The building will have a height of 224 meters, and is expected to receive 2.5 million guests annually.

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"When built, Moon Dubai is expected to add to the economy of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in sectors such as hospitality, entertainment, attractions, education, technology, environment and space tourism," said Sandra G. Matthews and Michael R. Henderson who proposed and set up this project.

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This replica of the Moon is claimed to be authentic and is aimed at those seeking affordable access to space exploration. Moon Dubai is designed to evoke the sensation of being on the surface of the Moon.

Moon Dubai will also accommodate training platforms for various space agencies and astronauts with a focus on leading-edge architecture, engineering, design and technology.

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The destination will also include 300 private residential units housed internally within the main superstructure disc building dubbed 'Sky Villas'. There are also residential units available for purchase which give owners exclusive access to the resort club.

Guests visiting Moon Dubai will be satisfied with a variety of luxurious facilities such as spa and wellness services, nightclub, event center, global meeting place, lounge and an internal "Moon shuttle" whose details have not been disclosed.

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"Moon Dubai will be the largest and most successful modern tourism project in the entire MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region, doubling annual tourism visits to Dubai based on global appeal, brand awareness and unique integrated offerings. ," said Mathews and Henderson.

Moon Dubai may wish to emulate the success of Burj Khalifa Emaar, which effectively put the UAE on the tourism industry map. Henderson very confidently revealed their plans to make this replica of the Moon a reality.

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Currently, Moon World Resorts Inc. are planning a series of 2023 global road-shows where they will showcase replicas of the Moon to potential regional licensees.

Moon World Resorts Inc. intends to permit the establishment of four Moon resorts worldwide (via regional licences), one in each of the following regions in North America, Europe, MENA and Asia.

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The UAE is also reportedly exploring opportunities related to space objects, developing satellite communications technology and applying the latest space technologies in terrestrial applications.

Recently, the country allocated USD 820 million to fund an ambitious space plan, with initial plans to build a satellite.

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