Headaches For 3 Days, What's the Cause?


Severe Headaches and the Right way to Deal with Vertigo

Headaches For 3 Days, What's the Cause?

Rp_News88..A female reader of TheMoonDay.Com with the initials RM, 20 years old, asked the sub-section Hello Prof! about his headache. Here's the question:

"Morning doc, I've been having headaches for three days. I'm really dizzy when I look down. And the front and back of my head are really dizzy. Why is that, doc? Thank you."

This question was answered by dr. Triana Ayuningtyas, Sp.S, Neurologist from Pondok Indah Hospital - Bintaro Jaya. Here's the presentation:

Hi RM, thank you for the question.

Actually, headaches are very broad and have many causes, so doctors usually need more and more detailed information regarding their complaints.

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Here a Information Regarding Headaches and the Right way to Deal with Vertigo
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Here a Information Regarding Headaches and the Right way to Deal with Vertigo

First, the complaint itself is said to be dizziness, dizziness here is it pain or a spinning or rocking sensation? Then for a headache that has been three days, is it continuous or does it come and go?

We also need to know how high the intensity of this pain is, and whether it is felt for the first time or has been repeatedly with the same pattern and characteristics.

Then, within these three days, has it been identified the triggering factor for the headache or the headache or the factor that actually reduces the headache? For example, are you resting or taking certain medications to reduce the pain.

Because, headaches are so widespread that we have to determine whether this is a primary headache where there is no specific structural disorder or a secondary headache where there is something we need to monitor further.

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Some of the red flags that must be considered are the presence of other complaints such as whether accompanied by fever, whether there is a history of previous illness, whether experiencing eye pain, blurred or double vision, tingling sensations and others.

The doctor will perform a physical examination to determine whether there is a deficit or disorder in the nerves being examined. Then we will investigate further, whether other examinations are needed, such as laboratory tests that draw blood or imaging tests, such as X-rays and MRIs.

X-rays are usually performed on the predominant pain in the neck area. Meanwhile, for the dominant pain in the head, it can be evaluated again using an MRI or CT scan. In certain cases, a cerebrospinal fluid examination may also be needed.

So, it's a good idea for you to consult a doctor and further check if the headache for three days does not improve or is felt continuously.

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