7 Eating Habits That Can Be The Cause of Fast Hunger



7 Eating Habits That Can Be The Cause of Fast Hunger

Rp_News88..Hunger usually disappears after we fill the stomach. But, why the stomach so hungry? Even though we just ate 1-2 hours ago.

The condition of a hungry stomach can be caused by many factors. Like the type of food we consume to suffer certain diseases.

But not only that, a number of eating habits that we do every day also affect this.

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Usually hunger will attack every 3-4 hours after we eat. But the intensity of hunger can come faster when we do the wrong eating habits continuously. What are the causes? Launching Healthline,

The following is an explanation of why you are hungry quickly caused by the wrong diet

1. Ignoring protein intake

Wrong eating habits such as ignoring protein intake can make the stomach feel hungry quickly.

In general, protein has hunger-reducing properties that can help us automatically reduce the urge to eat more.

Adequate protein intake can also help the body increase the production of hormones that affect feelings of fullness and delay hunger hormones.

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2. Eating too many refined carbohydrates

Ignoring protein intake

Most food sources of refined carbohydrates are processed by removing fiber, vitamins and minerals.

One example is foods made from flour, which is found in many foods such as white bread, pizza and pasta.

Other foods such as candy, soda, and baked goods with a mixture of refined sugar are also considered refined carbohydrates.

Because these processed carbohydrates lack fiber, the impact can make the stomach hungry faster.

Therefore, replacing the intake of refined carbohydrates can provide a longer feeling of fullness.

Like whole grains such as wheat, vegetables, fruits, nuts will be healthier and rich in fiber.

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3. Low-fat diet

Apart from protein, fat also plays a key role in keeping your stomach full for longer.

The reason is, fat intake can delay the release of hunger hormones longer. So the stomach will feel full longer too.

4. Lack of fiber

If the diet we consume is always lacking in fiber, then it can be a cause of hunger.

Eating high-fiber foods can help keep hunger at bay.

High-fiber foods are also able to slow the rate of stomach emptying and take longer to digest than low-fiber foods.

5. Too often get distracted while eating

Too often get distracted while eating

Disturbances experienced while eating can reduce awareness of how much food we consume.

Several studies have shown that those who are disturbed when eating can feel hungry more quickly, than those who eat quietly while sitting relaxed.

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The study involved 88 women who were instructed to eat and some others ate while sitting and silent.

Facts prove, those who enjoy food and are distracted by their surroundings feel their stomachs are not full and have a much greater desire to eat more.

Meanwhile, those who eat while sitting quietly feel their stomachs are full and there is no desire to eat again in the next few hours.

6. Habit of eating too fast

Several studies have shown that people who eat in a hurry are more likely to overeat than those who indulge in leisurely meals.

They are also more likely to be obese or overweight. The study involved 30 women who ate quickly, consuming 10 percent more meals than those who ate slowly.

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This effect is largely due to the reduced frequency of chewing food as well as the reduced awareness that occurs while the person is eating.

The reason is that food that is chewed properly is able to respond to the brain to give a signal to release anti-hunger hormones.

Meanwhile, those who eat too fast tend to experience disturbances in the release of the hormone, which makes them feel hungry even though they have just eaten.

7. Not drinking enough water

Not drinking enough water
                      Image: Pixabay 

Hydration is an important thing to support overall body health. Drinking enough water also has an impact on improving brain and heart health, as well as optimizing the performance of organs in the body, including the digestive system.

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Water actually has an important role in providing a full effect and reducing appetite if consumed before eating.

The proof, in one study, 14 people who drank two glasses of water before eating tend to consume 600 calories less than those who did not drink water at all.

In addition, the feeling of thirst is also often misinterpreted as feeling hungry. This condition usually occurs when a person experiences a lack of body fluids, aka mild dehydration.

To find out whether the sensation of hunger that is felt is real or just a wrong brain response, we can drink a glass of water first.

Wait a few minutes, then feel the sensation of hunger again. If the hunger disappears, then you can be sure the body is just lacking fluids.

But if after 20 minutes the stomach feels "rumbling", it means we need food intake to consume.

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