4 Most Expensive Snakes in the World



4 Most Expensive Snakes in the World whose prices make you shake your head

Rp_News88..The most expensive snake in the world is currently being hunted by hobbyists, even though snakes are wild animals that are able to provide pleasure but are separate for those who like to keep reptiles. Keeping snakes can keep owners happy and trained with varying levels of experience.

Although there are actually a lot of snakes that can be bought cheaply, buying something expensive can be a pleasure and satisfaction for the owner.

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4 Most Expensive Snakes in the World at the Price of a Luxury Car

Most people might think of snakes as scary animals. Let alone to maintain, just looking at it was goosebumps first. But who would have thought, many reptile collectors are hunting snakes at very fantastic prices.

Here, Rp_News88 has summarized the 4 most expensive snakes in the world that have ever been on the market.

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High Blue Green Tree Python (Green python) price

1. High Blue Green Tree Python (Green python)

From several international channels claim that most likely the most expensive snake in the world that we can meet is the High Blue Green Tree Python. The green tree python is a snake that is commonly kept. This snake is found in Australia and some parts of Indonesia.

This blue green morph snake was chosen because it has a stunning skin tone and looks cool. Even like a fake snake if we don't know.

This snake can be purchased at a very fantastic price. It was reported that the price of a regular green python is priced at USD 1.8 M, or cheapest price starts from USD 445,800USD.

This price is fantastic for the price of a pet. The striking coloration, combined with the rarity of its appearance in nature, makes for an extraordinary price.

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2. Lavender Albino Python

The most expensive ball python in the world will always be the newest and rarest morph. Basically there is only one morph like this. In the world of domestic reptiles, there are few pets that are more popular than the ball python, but enthusiasts are not satisfied with this species' standard black and white coloration.

After years of concentrated breeding efforts, this morph now comes in many colors. The uniqueness of this snake is of interest to reptile collectors.

This snake is very conspicuous.  The mixture of yellow spots on top of a light lavender base color makes it one of the most unique looks in reptile work.  So do not be surprised if the price is classified as fantastic priced at USD 40,000 so it is classified as the most expensive snake in the world.

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3. Reticulated Python

The Reticulated Python or often known as the batik python, is the largest and most expensive pet snake to buy. This snake is considered one of the most expensive pets in the world. The price of this Reticulated Python is priced at USD 40,000.

This snake's body color pattern is very complex in the form of diamonds running along the back. The beauty of this pattern is at the root of the popularity of reticulated pythons in the commercial leather trade which generates rupiah coffers.

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4. Sunset Ball Python

The Ball Python is one of the most famous pet snakes in the world. They can be found in almost every reptile pet store. These pets are very interesting to have.

In many cases, this snake has a natural body pattern. Ball pythons are normal ball pythons and can be found in the market. However, the price is also quite expensive and is categorized in the row of the most expensive snakes in the world. The price of this snake is in the price range of USD. 1,000-20,000 How, interested in buying?

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