Distended Stomachs? Limit the Consumption of These 6 Types of Food

Distended stomach?  Limit the consumption of these 6 types of food


Distended Stomachs?  Limit the Consumption of These 6 Types of Food

Rp_News88..The cause of a distended stomach, a distended stomach is one of the things that makes people less confident.

Apart from appearance, a distended stomach also causes various health problems that we must avoid.

You also need to know what foods cause a distended stomach in order to avoid various diseases.

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Not only an unhealthy lifestyle, but diet can also affect the stomach to become bloated.

A distended stomach will increase the risk of hypertension, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and heart attack.

There are several types of foods that cause a distended stomach.

Reported by Portal Sulut from the Herbal TV YouTube channel on September 2, 2022.

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1. Processed Meat

Processed meat, which is a favorite of many people, is high in calories and saturated fat which can cause a distended stomach.

Even foods that are high in calories and saturated fat can also trigger stroke and heart disease.

Processed meat is difficult for the body to digest and will stay longer in the intestines.

Because it is difficult to break down, this processed meat is also low in fiber.

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So not Good for Digestion.

2. Foods High in Carbohydrates

Foods high in carbohydrates can actually cause a distended stomach.

Excessive consumption of carbohydrates such as white bread and white rice, will cause a spike in sugar and insulin.

Consuming high carbohydrates regularly for a long period of time.

Can cause inflammation of obesity to obesity that makes a distended stomach.

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 3. High-fat Foods

In addition to high carbohydrates, high-fat foods can also cause a distended stomach.

In addition to high carbohydrates, high-fat foods can also cause a distended stomach.

Trans fats are found in fried and baked foods which can increase the risk of heart disease.

Saturated fats are also found in processed meat foods such as corn oil, fermented sunflower oil and so on.

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4. Fried

Who likes fries?

This one food is one of the causes of a distended stomach.

This is because fried foods take a long time to digest and are high in fat.

You can reduce the consumption of fried foods or consume them by changing the way they are processed. Like steamed or baked.

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5. Drinks High in Sugar 

Foods and drinks high in sugar also cause a distended stomach.

Processed flours such as white bread, drugs interfere with the body's ability to maintain energy and good sugar levels.

Consuming these foods will trigger obesity and other health problems.

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6. Drinks High in Sugar 

Drinks high in sugar are also not good for health such as sweet tea and soda.

Soda will release carbon dioxide gas which causes belching and stomach discomfort.

So, those are some types of foods that cause a distended stomach that we often consume, you should avoid or limit these foods.

Thank You.

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