15 Things Queen Elizabeth II Never Did

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15 Things Queen Elizabeth II Never Did

Rp_News88..Although the British Royal family is now much more flexible than its predecessors, there are many everyday things that Queen Elizabeth II never did in her lifetime.

Queen Elizabeth II was raised in a strict environment. Hence, the Queen never did the things that people used to do. At least, there are 15 things that Queen Elizabeth II has never done, as quoted from Reader's Digest.


1. Participate in Elections

Queen Elizabeth II has never contested an election, but that doesn't mean she isn't allowed to vote. By law, the Queen can vote in any election or referendum.

Her Majesty the Queen chose not to come along, as she had to be politically neutral and she had followed royal protocol about it so far.

2. Go to school

The queen never went to school. But apart from that, Queen Elizabeth II is a highly educated person. He has a private tutor with his sister Princess Margaret.

And surely their teachers are the best that the state provides. In addition, the future Queen will not only study general subjects but also law and constitutional history which is important to prepare for her future role.

3. Have a Social Media Account

Queen Elizabeth II has never had a social media account (medsos). No wonder members of the British Royal family or those who marry into the Royal family rarely have it.

For example, after marrying Prince Harry, Meghan Markle deleted her personal Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter accounts. People who want to know about major events that occur in the Royal family, can follow the Kingdom's official social media accounts.

4. Make SIM

The Queen can and loves to drive, in fact she is very passionate about driving and is often seen driving her favorite Ranger Rover.

But he never took the driving test. Queen Elizabeth II is the only person in the UK who doesn't need paperwork to drive a car, what's more she doesn't even need a license plate because it's part of her royal rights.

5. Office Work

Queen Elizabeth never worked in an office because every day she carried out the big task of being Queen of England until her death.

But Elizabeth's youth was very difficult because of her father's strict upbringing. In times of war, Elizabeth was a truck driver and military mechanic.

6. Dating

The Queen never dated. Queen Elizabeth II was lucky enough to have met Prince Philip in person since they were children.

Elizabeth, who was still a princess at the time, fall in love with her future husband a few years later when she was 13 years old after they met on the tennis court.

After that, they began to exchange letters, and in 1947 when Elizabeth was 21 years old the couple finally got engaged. Five months later, they were married at Westminster Abbey with 2000 guests attending the event.

7. Selfie

Queen Elizabeth II never takes selfies. Although some people have taken selfies with the background of members of the royal family, Queen Elizabeth II herself never wanted to take selfies.

8. Put on new shoes

The Queen never wore new shoes. Even though she always ordered shoes in the same style from the same company for years, she needed someone to try out the new shoes she was going to wear.

This makes sense, as the Queen likes patent leather which can be very tough when the shoes are new. If the shoes are comfortable and don't hurt, then he will wear them.

9. Shopping at the Supermarket

Her Majesty the Queen never goes grocery shopping. Shopping at the supermarket is not an activity that is often associated with royalty.

Hence, members of the royal family are not supposed to buy their own food. Of course all Queen's drinks and food are prepared by expert chefs.

Once upon a time Queen Elizabeth II visited the supermarket on a royal assignment. Onlookers said the Queen looked a bit awkward walking down the supermarket aisle looking at the food.

10. Feeding Dogs

Even though she is known to love her dogs, the Queen never gives food to her pets. There is a special chef whose job it is to make sumptuous food for the royal dogs. Their food is always served warm and a special waiter delivers it regularly every meal.

11. Have a Passport

Queen Elizabeth II has never had a passport, but she can travel abroad. Naturally, because passports in England are issued in the name of the Queen. Therefore, the Queen herself does not need it.

So, when the Royal Sovereign travels, he does not need to prove his identity to immigration officials or show any travel documents. As for other members of the Royal family, they have passports and must present them when traveling abroad.

12. Open Gifts on Christmas Day
The Queen never opens presents on Christmas Day. Every year, during the holiday season, the British Royal family head to the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk to celebrate Christmas there.

The British Royal Family usually opens presents on Christmas Eve. This tradition was started by his father, King George VI. It is said that members of the royal family love to give one another cute gifts. Perhaps this was meant to help keep from worrying about what gift to give the Sovereign of England.

13. Go Without Carrying a Blood Bag

Queen Elizabeth II never travels without a bag of blood. This is intended to facilitate the blood supply. It turns out that this was Prince Philip's custom, and Prince Charles (now King Charles III) did too.

So, if there is an emergency medical need, they can immediately perform a blood transfusion. Moreover, in this way, they can ensure that the blood used is completely sterile.

14. Celebrate Birthday Only Once

If society in general celebrates birthdays once a year, Queen Elizabeth does not. He celebrates his birthday more than once a year. The Queen's original birthday was April 21, but it is officially celebrated by the United Kingdom on the second Saturday in June.

Historically, kings whose birthdays were in the winter months would change the date of their official ceremony to a warmer season. And birthday celebrations in June are more likely to hold a parade because the weather is more favorable.

15. Go to the gymnasium

Queen Elizabeth II never went to the gym or gym, not even in her youth. But in her 90s (Queen Elizabeth II died at 96 years old), she's still fit. This is probably because he is very disciplined in maintaining his health.

As Queen, she also has access to the best health care that allows early detection of disease. In addition, the Queen's penchant for playing with pets keeps her active and energized.

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