9 Marvel Characters Similar To Wolverine

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Rp_News88...Wolverine is the best at what he does and that makes him very popular. Seeing how popular Wolverine is, Marvel created many characters who look like him. There are many characters who have Wolverine DNA. Sometimes there is something similar to his nature or strength. And here's a list of the characters.

Here a 9 Marvel Characters Similar to Wolverine

1. Deadpool

Deadpool is not very similar to Wolverine. He is a cheerful type of character, always ready for a joke when he kills people. But dig a little deeper into Deadpool and the many Wolverines out there, because they're both the subject of Weapon X

Behind all the humor, Deadpool is a man with a dark past, just like Wolverine. He is lonely and looking for a family, the same Wolverine did but in a different way.

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2. Shatterstar 

Shatterstar Marvel Comics
                                                  Shatterstar Marvel Comics

Shatterstar emerged when Wolverine's popularity really exploded. Shatterstar is a smiling killer with a mysterious past, a very violent person but still a superhero. Just like Wolverine, he has a changing background story, as writers keep changing his origins.

Shatterstar is an extraordinary fighter, especially with sharp weapons especially he is proficient with the sword.

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3. Wildside

Wildside Marvel Comics
                                                        Wildside Marvel Comics

Wildside is one of the most famous of the Marvel characters similar to Wolverine. The very similar hair, claws that could be pulled in and out of the hand, had a relationship with Weapon X and also the attitude was exactly the same. The biggest difference between Wildside and Wolverine is that Wildside is a villain.

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4. Omega Red 

Omega Red  Marvel Comics
                                                 Omega Red  Marvel Comics

In the 90s, many mutant villains made their debut. One of the most popular is Omega Red. Omega Red may not seem like a Wolverine clone, but all the classic Wolverine touches are there. Ranging from experimental mutants by the government, possessing animal influences fused with adamantium and skilled fighters with mysterious pasts.

Omega Red is basically a Russian Wolverine. He was well-liked by fans in the '90s and has long been considered one of Wolverine's most iconic foes.

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5. Sabretooth

SabretoothSabretooth Marvel Comics

Sabretooth is Wolverine's most brutal enemy and friend. Both have the same strength, except they have different types of claws, both are Weapon X alumni and both are Canadian.

The biggest difference between Sabretooth and Wolverine is their personality. They both love to kill, but Sabretooth likes to kill everyone he can and he can find, whereas Wolverine only likes to kill people he thinks deserves to be killed.

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6. Jimmy Hudson

Jimmy Hudson Marvel Comics
Jimmy Hudson Marvel Comics

Wolverine has fathered many children over the years and that includes Wolverines from other universes. Wolverine had a son named Jimmy Hudson, who succeeded his father after his death. After the destruction of universe 1610, Jimmy was transported to universe 616 where he joined the X-Men

Jimmy doesn't have the skeleton of Adamantium. But like most of Wolverine's children, he has the exact same powers as his father. This character is not popular, but he played the role of Wolverine in more than one X-Men team.

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7. Scout 

Scout Marvel Comics

Scout Marvel Comics

Marvel sidekicks can be pretty tough and Scout is one of the most dangerous. He has self-healing powers, super sharp senses and deadly claws even though he has one claw in his hand instead of three. He is also incapable of feeling pain, something that sets him apart from Wolverine.

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8. Akihiro 

Akihiro Marvel Comics
Akihiro Marvel Comics

Akihiro was first known as Daken. He has the same power, but his claws are slightly different (two on his hands and one as a dewclaw) and he can release pheromones that allow him to control others.

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9. Laura Kinney aka X-23

Laura Kinney aka X-23 Marvel Comics
Laura Kinney aka X-23 Marvel Comics

Laura Kinney was introduced as the X-23. It is believed he is a Wolverine clone who has all the same powers as Wolverine, except he has two claws on each hand and one on each foot. Like Wolverine, he was made into a killing machine and had to live with guilt.

That was a character that looked like Wolverine. Although not all the same, but his personality, strength and past are almost the same as Wolverine.

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