5 Foods With High Vitamin D Content


5 Foods With High Vitamin D Content

Rp_News88...It's no secret that vitamin D has important benefits for many things.  Such as increasing calcium absorption, increasing immunity, bone development, and reducing inflammation. Without intake of this vitamin, bones may be damaged and weak.

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This vitamin can also help prevent rickets in children, osteomalacia in adults, and osteoporosis in the elderly when coupled with calcium consumption. Naturally, this vitamin can be obtained through the morning sun. However, you can also get it by eating foods that are high in vitamin D. Launching the halodoc page, here are various foods that are high in vitamin D:

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Foods with High Vitamin D Content

1. Milk and Yogurt 

Milk and yogurt are good natural sources of nutrients, such as calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D, and riboflavin.  If you are allergic to cow's milk, you can try soy milk.  Because, the content of vitamin D in soy milk is as high as cow's milk.

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2. Cheese

Because most are made from milk, cheese is also a source of vitamin D. However, the source of the vitamin in cheese is less than milk. Most types of cheese contain 8-24 IU of vitamin D per 50-gram serving. The content of this vitamin in cheese varies greatly, depending on the processed cheese.

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3. Salmon

Salmon is a fatty fish that is well-known for being a high source of vitamin D. On average, captive-bred salmon will have less vitamin D than fresh-caught salmon.

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4. Sardines or Canned Tuna

In addition to salmon, sardines or canned tuna are also rich sources of vitamin D. Sardines are considered as a source of vitamin D despite their small size. In 100 grams of fresh sardines, contained 216 IU of vitamin D.

Whereas in one can of sardines contains 177 IU of vitamin D. Similarly, 3 ounces of canned tuna in water contains 154 IU of vitamin D, making canned tuna a good source of this vitamin.

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5. Egg Yolk

Most of the protein in eggs is found in the white part, while fat, vitamins, and minerals are mostly found in the yolk. The yolk of one large egg can contain 37 IU of vitamin D.

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