These Fruits And Foods Are Good For A Swollen Heart


These Fruits And Foods Are Good For A Swollen Heart

Rp_News88...Swollen heart or cardiomegaly, is actually not a type of disease but a symptom, of a certain disease. This condition commonly occurs due to weakening of the heart muscle. 

Coronary heart disease, heart valve problems, arrhythmias or swollen heart pregnancy can be treated by treating the cause. However, adopting a healthy diet can help overcome these conditions.

There are several types of fruit and foods that are good for a swollen heart.

Reported by from the Natural Healthy Living YouTube channel, the following are some types of fruit that you consume to help overcome swollen heart conditions, namely:

1. Citrus fruits

Like oranges and lemons, citrus fruits are a group of fruits that have a fairly high antioxidant content. Even the peels of citrus fruits like oranges and lemons contain natural antioxidants.

Such as flavonoids, acid ascorbate, and carotenoids which are higher than other parts of the fruit. Like the seeds or grains in the flesh of the fruit, antioxidants are one of the nutrients that have a good influence on heart health.

The reason is, eating fruit that is rich in antioxidants can be useful for reducing various risks of cardiovascular disease, including a swollen heart.

These nutrients will be better if you can get them from fresh fruits.

This is because the supplements that you usually take will not contain complete nutrition. As in fresh vegetables or fruits, therefore this one fruit is suitable to help overcome a swollen heart.

2. Berries

One type of fruit that is also good for a swollen heart is berries.

This is because these fruits contain anthocyanins, which are natural compounds that function to give red, purple and blue colors to fruits and vegetables. Now the anthocyanins that you can find in these berries can help improve heart health.

Therefore, those of you who have a swollen heart can also consume this fruit to overcome it.

3. Avocado fruit

You can also eat avocado to treat swollen heart. The reason is, avocados contain healthy fats that can meet your daily needs without having to consume saturated fat.

Eating too much saturated fat is not good for heart health. Even experts recommend consuming one avocado every day to reduce the risk of experiencing various heart health problems.

Not only that, avocados can also reduce various risk factors for a swollen heart such as high blood pressure. In addition to good fruit for a swollen heart.

There are several other types of food that you can consume to overcome these conditions, including:

1. Green vegetables

To overcome a swollen heart, you are not only advised to eat fruit.

But also, vegetables that are good for the heart are spinach, kale, and various other green vegetables. These vegetables are very rich in vitamins and antioxidants and even green vegetables contain vitamin C.

Which can protect the arteries then, green vegetables are also rich in good nitrate content. To lower blood pressure, reduce stiffness in the arteries and improve the function of cells in the walls of blood vessels.

Therefore, try to always include green vegetables in your daily diet. That way, your heart condition will be healthier.

2. Dairy products

One type of food that is also good for a swollen heart besides fruit is dairy products. Even consume dairy products as much as 2 times a day.

Which can reduce the risk of various diseases, related to the heart, including stroke. Therefore, you can consume dairy products, such as cheese, yogurt, and other products.

If you want to keep your heart healthy, it's better to choose dairy products that are low in fat or have no fat content at all. But when choosing dairy products, make sure you have read the contents thoroughly.

Because there are some products that have a sodium content of more than 5%. Meanwhile, consuming too much sodium can increase the risk of a swollen heart.

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