Children Often get Sick, Recognize the Causes and How to Handle Them

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Children Often get Sick, Recognize the Causes and How to Handle Them

Rp_News88..Lately many parents are busy consulting doctors because of the increasing frequency of diseases in children.

Finding the baby sick certainly makes parents very worried and anxious. Especially if the baby is sick more often than other children his age.

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Reporting from the Times Of India page on Monday, September 19, 2022, the following causes children to get sick often.

We all know that respiratory infections, gastrointestinal infections, typhoid, malaria and dengue fever are common during the rainy season.

According to Dr. Senior Consultant. SRCC Children's Hospital managed by Narayana Health, although infections are rampant during the rainy season, this year seems to be different with the surge of several viruses at the same time.

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"Staying indoors during COVID prevents us from normal viral infections. There are concerns that this may have reduced our immunity and could lead to a spike in infections this year," he said.

Dr. Vineet Kwatra, Senior Consultant, Pediatrics, Medanta Hospital said that currently his party found children coming with high fever, cough and runny nose. They also come with high fever that lasts for more than 5-7 days which no doubt becomes typhoid and some cases of dengue fever.

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"This time we also saw cases of Scrub typhus, where children had high fevers that lasted more than 5-7 days and did not recover even with regular antibiotics," he said.

Dr Kwatra advises parents to take fever seriously at home even if it is only a mild fever for one day. The reason is because all the illnesses that pediatricians see during this season appear with symptoms of low-grade fever, cough, runny nose, weakness, vomiting, and then progress to an uncontrolled fever.

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"If you find fever persists for more than 2 days, does not go down with any fever medicine, do not wait at home, please consult your pediatrician."

So How to Treat Fever at Home?

The first and foremost thing that parents should do at home is to keep basic fever medicines at home such as paracetamol. Paracetamol can be given as early as 4 hours to every 6 hours.

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Even if the fever doesn't go down with paracetamol, start wiping the child with tap water! Don't use ice packs or cold water - it should be normal running tap water used for wiping.

Even if the fever persists, the best way to bring the fever down is to bathe the child in plain running water. If the fever persists for 24 hours, please see a doctor as previously advised.

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Dr Balsekar recommends that fever should be treated only if the child is uncomfortable, usually when the fever is above 101 F under the arm.

The Importance of Influenza Vaccination 

The Indian Academy of Pediatrics recommends the 'Flu' or Influenza vaccine to all children after 6 months of age and is recommended annually until 5 years of age. Older children are given the Flu vaccine only if their immunity is reduced or if they have a chronic illness.

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However, during the COVID pandemic, it is recommended that older children are also offered the Flu vaccine.

“It should be very clear with parents that this vaccination will not cover all types of flu in the air, but it definitely helps build children's immunity against deadly flu viruses which include swine flu. So advice, everyone should take a flu shot because prevention is always better than cure,” said Dr Kwatra.

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How to Build Immunity?

A healthy diet plays an important role in boosting immunity. But along with a good diet, daily physical activity, adequate sleep, proper stress management are some of the other important aspects of keeping a child healthy.

Make sure they are given all important vaccines on time and take proper health precautions to avoid exposure to disease.

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